Klaus Renolder (
Tel: +43 2988 6236

Vice Chair     Laura Videla

This Committee is a forum for exchange of information and views on peace issues among NGO representatives and facilitates contacts with various departments of the UN, its specialized agencies in Vienna and with UN related international activities. Representatives of 25 NGOs take part regularly in the activities of the Committee. Representatives of other international and national NGOs are invited to participate in the Committees information and discussion meetings when matters of interest to them are on the agenda. The Committee meets at Vienna International Centre, the UN office building in Vienna. Main subject areas discussed by the Committee were: arms control and disarmament, tasks and further development of the UN, peace education. Recent meetings were devoted, inter alia, to: looking at the year 2000 NPT Review Conference; proposals for a peaceful solution in former Yugoslavia; the non-aligned movement initiatives for conflict settlement and disarmament; the negotiations on the adaptation of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe; the efforts to ban anti-personnel land mines.