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The Alliance is dedicated to crime prevention and the improvement of criminal justice. It promotes humane policies that foster the development of effective and transparent crime prevention and criminal justice strategies and practices domestically, regionally and globally. It encourages international cooperation and multidisciplinary approaches; advocates respect for the dignity and rights of victims of crime and abuse of power, and of those in conflict with the law, and advance the protection and restoration of the well-being of all persons and communities affected by crime. Our Prevention, Victims, Restorative Justice and Crime Congress working parties report, initiate and organize events and contributions in relevant settings, e.g., the UN – locally and globally, academic and other institutions. Alliance Members are non-governmental organizations having consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council (EOSOC) that have a substantial interest in various aspects of crime prevention, criminal justice administration and the treatment of offenders. Other NGOs not in consultative status with UN bodies but actively dedicated to the prevention of crime and to improvements in criminal justice may be admitted into membership. NGOs interested can apply formembership online.