Branislava Saveljic Balac (

Our objective is to monitor collectively, and through our respective organizations, the implementation of commitments set forth in the Habitat Agenda of the Conference on Human Settlements, and Agenda 21 of the Conference on the Environment and Development and relevant elements from plans of action or other United Nations conferences that promote the provision of adequate shelter for all and sustainable human settlements development in an urbanizing world. Our interests include the development of proposals and recommendations of strategies that support the effective participation of all citizens in cooperative ventures to create and maintain sustainable communities and healthy livelihoods. To this end, we aim to organize events in cooperation with the UN Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat) and other relevant organizations. We undertake to be informed about major issues that affect human settlements, to integrate with the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat) and others involved in our committee's activities. Through local and worldwide outreach and access, we shall facilitate the exchange of knowledge and dissemination of information in the field of human settlements.