George Platsis (

Vice-Chair for Education:       

Dr. Joseph DeMeyer

Vice-Chair for Learning:               

Dr. Holly Shaw

Vice-Chair for Literacy:               

Bryan Ardouny


Jerry Price


Dr. Donna-Akilah Wright


Dr. Harold Takooshian


Dr. Gerald Cattaro


Sofia Rosenberg-Klainberg

Because education is a crosscutting issue, the challenge of the committee is to participate in a substantive way in UN meetings and areas of work. Our committee continues to seek ways to work more closely with other CONGO Committees with respect to their education work, and to participate in UN Commissions and other meetings. The main focus of the committee continues to be the work with UNESCO’s New York Office in Education for Sustainable Development. The new added focus concerns the leadership formation and training of CoNGO leaders and members in areas of good governance in the context of civil society work in multilateral settings.