Chair: Claire de Lavernette

Co Chair: Nina Joyce


The objective on the NGO Working Group on Human Rights Education and Learning is to ensure the participation of NGOs in the processes of global policy making on human rights education and learning in relation to the UN institutions, principally the UN Human Rights Council. The Working Group holds regular meetings for strategy-building and activity planning, organizes public meetings at the UN, delivers civil society views and proposals jointly by member NGOs, and consults and cooperates with the OHCHR and UN Member States and experts. Recently, the Working Group participated in the joint written statement on "the UN framework for human rights education and civil society participation" with 365 signatories including those not in consultative status with the UN ECOSCO and national human rights institutions submitted to the UN Human Rights Council 10th session in March 2009, and has contributed to the drafting process of the draft UN Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training.